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Frequently Asked Questions for Luxe Venue:

Rate for Monday-Thursday is $1500.

Rate for Friday and Sunday is $2500.

Rate for Saturday is $4800.

50% down payment is required to reserve.

Payment button and contract is on the Contracts page of this website.

Venue is rented out from 10AM till 12AM. There is only 1 event per day. This is one of the most important rule for the renters to understand. All of stuff brought in needs to be removed by 12 AM. That means the party and the music must stop earlier to start clearing out.

Tables, Chairs, White Tablecloths, Setup, Breakdown, and Cleaning are provided by the LUXE venue for the banquet. For the patio 6 cocktail tables are provided.

Decorations, dinnerware and silverware are provided by the host/renter. Use drapes on poles and stands sparsely such that no fire hazard is created. Only bring in things that can be removed quickly by you or your vendors at the end of the day without causing any damage to the Venue.

Main Reception Hall can hold 200 guests seated banquet style with space for dance floor.

Patio is 2000 SQFT of properly covered space with fans, lights and windows. Open from one side. Patio can be used for cocktails. 6 cocktail tables are provided. Patio can be used for ceremony.

2 dressing rooms are available.

Prep kitchen is included with ice maker, refrigerator, water sink, and work tables.

Any Vendors and DJs can be hired by the host.

Contract and Payment are online on Contracts page of this website. You can E-sign the rental agreement and Submit. Pay Now button is at the top of the same page.

Alcohol requirements are described on website by the state of North Carolina. Beer and Wine does not need a permit. Liquor needs a Limited Special Occasion Permit from ABC of North Carolina.

Host/renter provides Alcohol and Food. Host acquires ABC permit for liquor.

Absolutely NO glitter and confetti. Glitter and confetti stick to the floor, chairs and furniture. It takes countless hours to clean it. It's a matter of decency and common courtesy to not use glitter, confetti and tiny paper particles.

All Equipment, Furniture and Services Provided with each event:

Setup, Breakdown and Cleaning.
Upto 25 Round Tables (60 inch). Can seat 8 people.
Upto 200 Banquet Chairs (Standard round top Banquet Chairs).
Upto 6, 6-FT long Rectangular Tables.
White Table Cloths for the round and rectangular tables.
6 tall Cocktail Tables for the Patio.
Large commercial Refrigerator with open shelves inside.
Water Sink in the kitchen.
Steel Work Tables in the kitchen.
Large commercial Ice Maker.
Restroom Supplies.

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