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You can e-sign and submit all contracts online by simply filling out the forms below.

This Rental Agreement is between Luxe Event Venue and the Renter. The contract will be considered final after deposit is received and the Luxe Venue replies to your email with acknowledgment of this contract.

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Rental Agreement
TERMS AND CONDITIONS of Luxe Venue Rental Agreement:

Renter must be over 21 years of age.This Venue is for private parties and events.

RESERVATION: ___ Minimum of rental fee due upon signing contract. This fee ensures reservation of your event time slot and is not refundable for any reason.

Occupancy Time: The Venue is rented out for the whole day. You can enter start time and end time above to schedule taking over the Venue.

DAMAGES: If breakage, damage, loss, or additional expenses are incurred the undersigned agrees to reimburse Luxe Venue for the excess within two days.


NOT PERMITTED: Attaching stuff to walls. Smoke producing devices. Helium balloons. Smoking inside.

KITCHEN USE: Kitchen is for non-cooking purposes only.

ALCOHOL/SMOKING: The Renter is permitted to serve alcohol on premises including liquor per ABC of NC rules. Smoking is permitted in covered patio spaces. The Renter shall obtain Limited Special Occasion Permit from ABC for serving Liquor. Serving Beer and Wine ONLY does not need a permit.

CATERING: The Renter can hire a professional licensed caterer of their choice or assume liability of self-serving food.

TRASH/CLEANING: Cleaning is provided by the Venue.

Setup/Breakdown: Setup and Breakdown are provided by the Venue.

FURNITURE: Tables, Chairs and Linens are provided by the Venue.

REMOVING BELONGINGS: Renter is required to remove all their belongings and accessories within their allocated time.

LIABILITY: Luxe Event Venue does not sell food or alcohol. Renter shall indemnify and hold harmless Luxe Event Venue against any liabilities arising out of Food and Alcohol served at their function.

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